Dark Lord Sauron Sculpture is Truly Frightening

Looking for a truly one of a kind Lord of the Rings collectible? The Dark Lord Sauron never looked so evil as he does in this unique piece.


This sculpture of Third Age Sauron is truly frightening, showing how far he has fallen from his role as a Vala in the First Age, to the chief lieutenant of Morgoth, and finally the Dark Lord, ruling from Mordor. Sauron has been present in nearly all of Tolkien’s Middle Earth works, including The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Silmarillion.

While not the traditional view of “the Eye”, I particularly like this piece because of its interpretation of one of Tolkien’s classic characters. A little known fact is that Tolkien himself never provided a detailed description of Sauron’s appearance, leaving it to the reader’s to imagine.

In the movies, even the extended versions, we never get an up-close view of Peter Jackson’s vision, but here are detailed photos gorgeous enough to make any Tolkien lover drool.


The details on this piece are amazing, from the perfectly carved bone to the lacing and buckles holding the mask in place at the back. The four bones on the skull could be seen to represent the four fingers Sauron had left after Isildur cut off the finger wearing the Ring of Power in the Second Age. The hollow eyes and elongated teeth add to the frighting, otherworldly feeling. And the leather mask looks like a bat (Nazgul?) wing from the side.


Any Tolkien fan would be lucky to own a meticulously detailed, beautifully sculpted piece like this. It would look fantastic in a library or study, watching over the room from the South. Don’t have a place for the Necromancer of Dol Guldur? A Gollum bobble head, or a handcrafted Sword of Isildur or Samwise Gamgee might tickle your Third Age fancy.

This arrives to you from Bob Basset who also brought the freaky Steampunk masks.