Samsung OLED Wrist Communicator Concept

If you are looking for a next generation smart phone that comes with a futuristic design and the one that you can wear in style, you need not look beyond the Samsung Concept OLED Wrist Communicator designed by Erik Campbell. 

Samsung Concept OLED Wrist Communicator

Along with its futuristic creative idea, this mobile features an innovative technology that would be appreciated by adventure lovers, athletes, and tech savvy consumers. Thanks to its touch screen OLED display with memory alloy articulation that’s ideal for on the go communication and a durable keypad, you can easily use this device while surfing the sea or riding a mountain bike. It has flexible electronics to absorb any bumps or knocks that you may inadvertently inflict upon it while wearing the device.

Samsung Concept OLED Wrist Communicator-2

What’s more, you need not worry about sweating as the split pad allows better airflow to avoid your device being damaged.

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Via: Geeky-Gadgets