Rubik’s Cube New Avatar Just Makes It More Challenging Than Ever

So with the frenzy of solving Rubik’s cube to prove your smartness, you must have by no achieved the trick of solving one. Let’s add some more fun and excitement to this multi-colored cube. Ever wondered how to make a Rubik’s cube that can make different shapes with simple twists and turns? It’s a very simple trick you can try at home. Read along to know how!

Make your own modified Rubiks Cube

All you need is a black Rubik’s cube or a DIY cube, and draw lines as shown in the figure and cut them out. Then fill the clay into the disassembled pieces, leaving holes to fix it with screws. As the clay is totally hardened and dried, give color coats to each piece with permanent markers as seen in the pictures.
Try this simple trick at home and you can keep your kid engaged in this challenging game. So go ahead by putting all the pieces of the cube together, pasting stickers on the top and bottom layer. So to get a gist on solving this cuboid, you should be aware of how to solve a 3x3x3 cube. Just twist and turn to get new shapes of this piece according to your ideas and creativity.
I am sure anyone who enjoys these mesmerizing puzzles will enhance their mental stimulation and never let you get bored. Try out some other Rubik’s cube magic like the Rubik Cube’s Magic Charger or the Rubik’s Cube of Doom for Visually Impaired.