The Doctor Who’s Tardis Birthday Cake Makes You Want Time Travel

This TARDIS time machine cake will take you back to your childhood days. Well not literally but the sheer joy of seeing it on your table will take you time traveling. You might mistake it for a toy, but believe me it is not a toy, but a cake which even Dr Who is sure to enjoy. I guess he would surely want to have one for his birthday party.

It does not matter what flavor the cake is, what matters is the pleasure you derive from creating something so awesome. Who does not like to see their efforts turn out so well and so well received by all present?

Want to give a shot? Bake a cake as you normally would do. It could be a chocolate cake, vanilla sponge, pineapple, strawberry or whatever flavor you prefer. Make sure to bake so large a cake that you can easily give it different shapes. You could also bake one round and one large rectangular cake. The Daleks and TARDIS can be cut out from the rectangle while the round cake can serve as the base. Once your cake is ready, what is required is the decoration – this is where all the hard work is required. Roll up your sleeves and get ready.

Each section of the cake – base, Daleks, and TARDIS need to be covered in a base color. You can use fondant or gum paste for this purpose. The Daleks can be given a chocolate base. Prepare the appropriate color base for all three parts and carefully cover them. Now is the time to add details. Using blue fondant or gum paste add details to the TARDIS by creating windows and doors. Be sure to keep the edges smooth or else it will give a sloppy appearance. Add details to the Daleks using marzipan and coated rice krispies. Run your imaginations free and decorate the base anyway you wish to.

All parts of your cake are now ready. If you haven’t noticed this is supposed to be a 3D cake. To get the desired effect get ready to assemble all pieces and get a terrific TARDIS ready for time travel. Using marzipan mount the TARDIS on the base. Each Dalek can be used to appear flying near the TARDIS. All you need to do is stick one end of a coated wooden skewer in the Dalek and the other end in the TARDIS.

With your cake ready for the party all you will now be waiting for are the invitees. Give yourself a pat on your back and get ready for some more patting from all your friends. Do not be surprised if you are asked for the recipe or even requested to make one for a friend or relative.

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Obajoo Via : thedomesticscientist