The New iPod Dock with Multimedia Connectivity Will Help You Stack Your Books as Well

Take a closer look at this simple looking shelf. Discovered anything unusual? You are right; there are small speakers on this piece of furniture. No not just speakers, there is lot more that it has to offer. You could not have imagined so much. This little piece of furniture, called Horizontal 51, is an integrated iPod dock offering multimedia connectivity.

IPod accessories are not a new thing to be heard of. The concept of a having a wall shelf with iPod docks has been around for quite some time. We have come across various designs that include an integrated iPod and speakers but this one goes a step further. This simplest looking accessory offers the widest range of facilities. It carries with it a complete multimedia package which can be connected to a TV, PC or an MP3 player. The frequency range of the speakers varies from 50 to 25,000 Hz and it also contains a 25W amplifier. Moreover, all its functions can be controlled using a remote control.

The hardware part of the integrated hardware dock is also equally useful. It can easily double up as a shelf and bear weights up to 25kg. That means you can use it as a book shelf as well a TV stand. The Horizontal 51 comes in various designs and colors along with a high gloss finish. What else can you ask for from this amazing piece of gadget?

A portable media player, the iPod has been created and marketed by the world famous company, Apple. First produced in the year 2001, the Apple iPod has come a long way. Time and again its versions have been reviewed and refreshed with new ones being launched. Numerous accessories have also been launched for this product and new ones are on their way. The Horizontal 51 was preceded by a coffee table named “Horus”, which was a pyramid shaped coffee table with two built in speakers and an iPod dock. Around the section of the glass intersecting the pyramid was arrangements for a LED style lighting which threw in soft light thereby helping revive ones senses.

A variety of iPod accessories have been produced to date by Apple and third parties as well. Some of the prominent accessories include wireless remote controls, wireless earphones, external speakers, protective cases, and screen films. The iPod automobile interface was first released by BMW in which the built-in steering wheel controls or radio head-unit buttons could control the iPod. Apple later announced similar plans for a variety of other car models.

The Apple iPod accessories are numerous and many more might come in. Horizontal 51 is the latest on the block and if you are ready to part with approximately $650 this sure is the piece for you.

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via: bornrich