Battery Mug Warns You While Sipping Hot beverage

The title talks about a Battery mug and just don’t get confused thinking whether this is a battery that has been turned up into a mug or a mug has been infused with some sort of a battery.

Battery Mug

The Battery mug is a mug that displays the hotness of the beverage poured into it so that while talking or doing your work, you may not end up burning yourself by sipping in the hot dose of the drink. Even I do it many times as I am usually busy, whenever I am served with coffee and along with it I try to work, I end up burning my mouth. Also, when the work load is more I again suffer as my coffee gets cold.

It is really great to know about such a product that can at least let me enjoy the Coffee by informing me about its hotness. In case the drink inside the mug is hotter than 36 degrees Celsius or 96.8 Fahrenheit, the battery image on the mug will glow and as the mug will get empty; its battery will start fading,

And now the good thing is that you can buy this product by paying $28 or €19 at the Art Lebedev Studio.

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Via: Artlebedev