QuickSnap Ice Tray Is a Thoughtful Innovation

Getting ice out of good old ubiquitous ice tray is no easy task and people employ different methods to release stubborn frozen ice cubes. Here is QuickSnap Ice Tray which comes with an easy mechanism to release the ice cubes in a jiffy. One must say this small innovation is a long due thoughtful one and it will help us save much time.

QuickSnap ice tray1

QuickSnap Ice Tray comes with release tabs at the back of it which when pressed make ice cubes slip out easily.  In fact individual ice cubes can be removed independently because of this innovative mechanism and there is no need to struggle with entire ice tray. Some might find this silly but for someone impatient like me who struggles with ice tray by holding it under running water and twisting and turning it, this product design is a good thought indeed.

QuickSnap ice tray2

Sometimes we overlook something essential and kudos to designer Graeme Davis for creating this simple QuickSnap ice tray design. Check out this demo video below of QuickSnap Ice Tray and this product was designed for Joseph Joseph.

You don’t find this design very geeky? Well, the mechanism is, but if you are looking for real geeky shaped ice cubes then take a look at Lego Ice Cubes Tray and Pi Shaped Ice Cube Tray.

Via Yanko Design