Get the Iron Man Arc Reactor Chest Light and Feel Like a Superhero

They’ve been Superheroes bitten by radioactive spiders or from Krypton but somehow I’ve always idolized what Tony Stark or the Iron Man stood for and well though we Iron Man fans can’t build ourselves the suit, this awesome Iron Man Arc Chest Light does the trick!Iron Man Arc Chest Light

This Chest Light is designed to look like the arc rector that Tony Stark built with Ho Yinsen’s help to keep the pieces of shrapnel from entering his heart and it looks simply amazing, making you feel like a true super. How cool would it be to just clip on the Arc reactor chest light and walk around town getting those classic ‘I wish I had that’ look from your fellow geeks of friends.

Iron Man Arc Chest Light (2)

This reactor light also has super cool features like its ability to glow and produces a range of real battle sounds which are  sure to capture everyone’s attention and can go great at costume parties.

Iron Man Arc Chest Light (3)

This dazzling arc reactor is up for only $9.99. So what you’ll Iron Man fans waiting for? Get your own arc reactor now, clip it on your shirt and there, you’re Iron Man!

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