Musical Minesweeper Pillows are 100% Fun Package with Retro Effects

Are you planning to get some totally soft and adorable cushions to relax on, how about trying making them on your own with your favorite minesweeper theme in a highly intriguing way, with musical sound effects? If you’re bored at home and enjoy some sewing and crafting work, here is brilliant idea you can enjoy by putting in very little hardwork and using a simple trick for your home décor.Musical Minesweeper Pillows

Now make your living room more lovable and friendly with these inviting minesweeper pillows with surrounding sounds. Hard work? Not at all. Just get few pillows of your favorite colors with green, blue and red fabric for the minesweeper logos along with a fusible web. You can also use inkspace to carve out the tags.

A DIY trick for musical effects, get an audio recording and playing device, along with a push button and a soldering iron. Design the logos that are ideal to the size of your cushions on the fusible web and iron it on selected position as shown in the pictures.

Musical Minesweeper Pillows (2)

Then stitch the pillows, if you are not using a ready made one, along with the logos on the top, and add on zippers according to your convenience. For sound effects, attach push button into Altoids tin with Velcro and hot glue.

Definitely, the Android pillows or the Nintendo Gameboy Cushions may be more comfortable or geeky, but if you have these self-made themed pillows with sound effects, its definitely bound to grab more attention.

via: instructables