Wonderlamp Light Piece Illuminates the Contradictions in Life

It’s more than obvious that the design fraternity is more driven by “selling-points” rather aesthetic art. Budding designers sweat more these days hoping their designs would be picked up by tech big-wigs rather than just exploring design and art together. But for Pieke Bergmans and Studio Job, their inspiration was not rising in cut-throat competition of products and gadgets; it was recreating the contradictions in life. Their creation, Wonderlamp, a set of 7 light objects, which is a humble yet glorious representation of everyday objects.


The judicious use of glass in each of the 7 objects speaks of the top-notch ingenuity of the creators. The glass represents a different material in each of these little ideas like the steam in the tea pot, the light beam from a torch, the flow of liquid between two containers and smoke in a pot. The lamp art found a place of honor and prestige in the Milan Design week 2010 given its unconventional and non-materialistic attributes.




The creators conceded that they never think of their audience while working on their art, which is why their stuff ends up not on retail shelves but museums or collectors or public places. Well, I feel exhilarated to have passed through a heap of mundane designs just to stumble upon this one which lies atop all.


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Via: Core77