Build Your Own Foosball Table With This Handmade Example

Foosball is a classic game of skill that’s been entertaining college kids for decades now, but do you have the skills to make your very own handmade Foosball Table? I know I myself had one of these bad boys in our house and it lead to endless hours of competition and meaningless tournaments. The winners and losers were sorted out in short order and bragging rights are still present in our conversations even now.

Of course playing Foosball and building your own table are two entirely different undertakings. The former takes a few beers and an opponent, but the latter will likely take no beers (unless you’re supremely confident) and some good old fashioned elbow grease…having the blueprints on hand would also be a step in the right direction. Now there are plenty of pictures of the construction of this particular Foosball table, but feel free to be creative. The immortal game of Foosball comes in all shapes and sizes, from these tiny Foosball iterations designed to fit in your kids room to this surprisingly functional cardboard Foosball table. I think I’m going to make a duct tape Foosball table, that would work..right? I mean that stuff is good for everything. You can also modify your Foosball table with a proper theme, preferably something that’s a classic rivalry. You could have Boston Red Sox Vs. Yankee Players, for example, or you could go a bit more geeky than that and put the Rebel Alliance vs the Empire in a Star Wars themed Foosball table.

If the pictures are any indication making a Foosball table is a serious undertaking, but I bet with some friends and a long Saturday afternoon you have a shot. I didn’t see any pictures of the construction of the actual players, so I have to believe that the pieces were outsourced. I don’t think they’d be compatible with your cardboard Foosball table handle with care. Unfortunately the blueprints featured are listed in a language I don’t understand, so be sure to bring a translator along before you undergo your construction.

Via: Anton Kozhevnikov

foosball table Anton Kozhevnikov