Cableyoyo Design Is The Future Of Cable Maintenance

Along with global warming and the economic crisis, entangled and out of control cables have a fair stake in the problems plaguing a modern geek’s life. However a certain Michal Gorzynski from Amsterdam has reinvented the age old spool to  fulfill a more modern day purpose of keeping those messy cables in check. Cableyoyo 1

Cableyoyo 2

The new spool, or cableyoyo as it is called allows for the user to wrap any cable up to 5mm in diameter around it without it getting entangled. Now even though 5mm may not sound like much it covers all present USB cables, firewire, low voltage chargers and also telephone cables; the sleek design prevents the cables from overlapping while they are being spooled ensuring that they will remain untwisted when extended and this wafer thin design also ensures that the gadet will fit neatly into you pocket or those teeny tiny compartments provided in your laptop bag.

Cableyoyo 3Cableyoyo 4

The contemporary design of the product together with its practicality has made it a winner at many a design competition, but even tough this product is out in the market the price remains unknown. Now even this gadget is cool the best way to eliminate the whole wire problem is to eliminate the wires themselves, which is exactly what has been done in this cool wireless Eclipse keyboard and the wireless Cyborg mouse.

Cableyoyo 5Cableyoyo 6Cableyoyo 7