Awesome Superhero Computer Mice

While we all know that mice are extremely important to everyone’s daily lives, geek or no geek, it gets a tad boring when we have to use the same old mouse that is packaged and sold in computer peripheral shops.

The idea thus is to buy mice that are an extension of our own personalities. If you are fond of comic books, here are some really cool Wireless and Regular Comic Book Mice that you could buy for yourself.

These mice come in different comic character styles, and they include Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Superman. This sure can set your workstation ablaze, and it would no longer be the boring desk that you cursed to sit by. The wireless mice cost $39 each, and the regular mouse costs $17.99.

You could also take a look at other mice like the Shark Mouse Concept and the Ceramic Passion Mouse which are not exactly geeky, but are cool nevertheless. So go ahead and grab one of these cool mice, and your work in the cubicle will never be the same again!