The New Portable Beamplayer is Your Home-theater On the Go

Technology does not surprise us anymore. It just leaves us guessing what next to expect from the technology minds over the world. Ten years ago how many of us would have imagined that each member of the family would be carrying a phone on him/her? Did an Asian mother imagine talking to her son in the US face to face? We sure did see examples of out of the world technology gadgets in James Bond movies but never thought of those things being part of our lives.  Well believe it or not, the technological advancements made today are no less than events of a science fiction movie.

One such perfect example is the Portable Beamplayer – a cool new concept from Hojoon Lim. This new kid on the block is a new version of a Portable Media Player (PMP) and in many ways similar to a home theater system. Giving the appearance of a plug, this little gadget can comfortably play audio and video files in various formats. It has a well defined screen with speakers playing a fairly good audio quality and carries with it the greatest advantage of being portable. Be it office presentations, educational support in institutions, an outdoor meeting or just plain entertainment, you can easily carry this little thing in your bag. It is almost like carrying a complete home theater in your pocket. What more could you ask for, after all this is an entire audio-visual unit that is as mobile as you are.

We have seen some other PMPs in the past like the iPod, which also has the capacity to play audio and video files on the go. The very popular device in today’s world, the mobile phone is also considered a PMP in many respects. There may be many such PMPs in the market, some branded and marketed extensively whereas some known only in the local market. No matter what the make and the country of origin; some features are common to all PMPs.

The screen used in these systems are either liquid color display (LCD) or organic light emitting diode (OLED);  almost all players play the MP3 format files while many support Windows Media Audio (WMA) Advance Audio Coding (AAC) and WAV formats ; most of the recent players support the MPEG4 format along with Windows Media Video (WMV), AVI and DivX.

The Portable Beamplayer is new entrant and sure to make itself popular thanks to its audio-video clarity and the property of being mobile. Though living in a crowded world people often find themselves lonely and in such situations a portable media player is the best thing to help them get rid of loneliness.

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