Chic Foosball Table Game Design for Sporty Geeks

You must be familiar with Foosball and other games that are played on the table. While each game comes with a en enjoyment quotient of its own, here is a new table game that completely takes you by surprise. Paul-Etienne Méligne has designed “The Beautiful Game” which was a GRO design project for Milan 2008. It even won the Red Dot Design Award in 2008 and is currently under development.

chic table game1

It is not clear if it is a Foosball, or looks similar to the game but is a completely new game. It would be interesting to see how the game is played and that we shall know when the game is launched commercially.

chic table game2

Meanwhile, the pictures indicate that it is a chic and well designed table game that could be the centerpiece decoration even in your living room.

chic table game3

It could be one of those luxurious games that you would want to flaunt in front of your friends and guests when they come home.

chic table game4

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Via Coroflot