Pacman Cake Shows us Even Atari Joysticks Are Edible

Who knew the classic Pacman game from Atari could be so delicious? This Pacman cake proves that you can make just about every aspect of a video game edible, including the joystick you use to play! The entire circumference of the cake makes up your classic arcade game layout, including the little dots the Pacman so craves along with the ghosts and of course bonus fruit (I had a recent quizzo question that asked which pieces of fruit were most valuable in terms of points. I’m such a nerd.)

Now the cake by MyaLisa is made up of a variety of flavors. The outside as you might expect is chocolate, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The cake’s guts also have a banana cream and fresh strawberry filling. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face. I don’t know who Omar is, but he is a lucky guy. While I’d love to give my mediocre cooking skills a run for their money and make something like this myself, the recipe isn’t posted. I’d be curious to see what was used for all the various decorations like the game board, cherries, dots and of course our classic game characters. I’d also like to know how long this artwork took to put together compared to how quickly it was consumed. Seriously, I’d feel bad digging into a cake this awesome. Not that it would stop me mind you, but I’d feel bad about it.

Extravagant and wondrous cakes are no strangers to Walyou, either. We’ve seen a replica of the TARDIS time machine in cake format along with more recent favorites like this Big Daddy Cake from Bioshock. This Pacman cake however, is a class throwback to a more nostalgic game era, where gameplay was simple but horribly difficult and cinematic endings were non-existent. Who needs a storyline anyway? I don’t need to know why Pacman wants those dots so much, or why ghosts are so protective of their strawberries, but I do know I want to eat this cake. Right now.