Wavebox Portable: A Small Microwave Oven that Can Heat Your Food Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine an apocalyptic event: giant floods have submerged continents; massive quakes have ripped open the surface of our planet, monster storms have shredded concrete structures. You and a band of fellow humans are trying to survive the end of days. You are low on essential supplies including food and water.

Just when all hope seems lost, you chance upon an untouched convenience store. Your prayers seem answered when you chance upon a stock of frozen food stored in the freezer. The hunger is so intense that you want the food inside you pronto. You place the food in the microwave oven and press the power button. Just then, a huge wave builds on the horizon. Unless you get out of the convenience store right now, you will not see tomorrow. You grab the frozen packet and rush out not knowing when you might have a chance to warm the food and eat it.

You wish you had a portable device that could heat your food anytime-anyplace; a microwave like device the size of a lunchbox.

You will be surprised to know that such a device is now at hand and is called the wavebox portable. Rectangular in shape, the Wavebox portable microwave oven is small enough to be stored in your cube and powerful enough to transform your lunch into a sizzling feast.

The Wavebox portable comes with two power options: you can either connect it to an AC/DC outlet or run it on a 12-volt battery that comes along with the portable microwave.

If you are an active camper and love to spend the weekend exploring the great outdoors, the Wavebox portable can be your perfect camping companion. It can be plugged into your RV’s power outlet allowing you and your family instant accessibility to a warm meal.

This portable mini microwave can also be a part of your everyday work lifestyle. You love to have home cooked meal at lunchtime when you work, but no matter how hard you try the food gets cold and the flavor is lost. You have tried the office cafeteria but the food is plain and boring. At such time all you need is the Wavebox portable.

As mentioned earlier, the portable microwave can be stored in your cube and used to reheat food as and when you please. By doing this you can also avoid the long queue to the singular microwave at your workplace.

Apart from its multipurpose functions, the mini microwave also has a visual appeal to it and comes in four different eye-pleasing colors. With the Wavebox portable, no one will ever have to eat a cold meal ever again.  Moreover, you can buy this Wavebox Portable at only $199.99.

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