Become Your Own Space Station With This Star Wars Death Star Costume

If someone offered you the chance to become a super powerful spacestation with the power to completely obliterate planets, you’d take right? Well now you have that chance with this fantastic handmade death star costume, and all you need is a balloon, some newspaper, a Sharpee, some paint,  and most importantly a lot of elbow grease.

Let’s face it, coming up with easy costume ideas can be hard. On one hand you don’t want to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a sweet looking Chewbacca costume, but on the other you don’t want to look like I total idiot with your shoddily put together handmade piece (I speak from experience, my arts and crafts ability has been leveled up for years..I think I am approaching 3 out of 10).

This costume is a great example of what a little ingenuity can do, and how you can turn yourself into your very own death star. The creator must be a great Star Wars fan and made it by just taking some newspapers, a big balloon, and some wallpaper paste (eh?). The balloon was then fully inflated and placed over a trash can, which served as the underlying frame of the station. Once completed, you just need to cut out some holes for the “power core” (ie. you) and paint the bad boy over with some gray paint.

The most time consuming point to me appears to be drawing on the city scape, although I’m sure there are plenty of ways to make this process easier. Throw on a shoulder strap voila you are ready for some planetary destruction. I always like when people who make these things give an estimated time to complete construction but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any. Sure you may not glow in the dark like this Tron hoodie and you won’t look like an exact replica of the man of steel with this Superman hoodie, but you’ll be able to get a cool costume on the cheap. Besides it’s practically impossible that people won’t hit you with the hilariously awkward “what are you supposed to be?” I’d like to think it was fairly obvious, right? Then again my wife hasn’t seen Star Wars, so her immediate reaction to the image was “What exactly is that?” Blasphemy.

Via: PdgPdg