Reevu Motorcycle Helmet Lets The Riders See The Rear View

All the bikers would love the latest creation of Reevu, the helmets with rear view option, allowing for a better (and perhaps safer) view of what’s behind them.


When people who drive car switch on to a motorbike, looking at the two mirrors for left and right, they do miss the rear mirror. Now you won’t feel sad about it as the latest Reevu helmets solve this trouble.

These helmets work on a fantastic concept of reflection via optics and mirrors which makes them very safe. Almost everything in this electronic age runs on power but these helmets are infused with multiple mirror system. The principle behind the working of these helmets is to bend the light around the wearer’s head.

A reflective polycarbonate material that absorbs impacts is used in place of glass to make the helmets lighter and break-proof. It is for sure that looking at the road behind and ahead at the same time creates trouble in the beginning but gradually riders get used to it and it becomes easier for them to see who is behind them without turning their heads.

As this helmet is special, so its price obviously will be more than the normal helmets and it is $375 or £249.

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Reevu Via: Hardwaresphere