The Judoon Helmet Will Help You Change Your Voice

You are out for a leisurely evening stroll. The sun has just set and there is a gentle breeze blowing; the setting is perfect for a walk. Suddenly, an alien looking face pops up in front of you and greets you. The voice has a distinct electronic tone and it cannot be from around here. The authoritative voice tells you that it needs to take you their planet. You are too stunned to react.


Before you make your next move (run probably), the masked face begins to laugh. Two human hands remove the mask to reveal the face of the prankster – a close friend. Now he is the one who has to do the running as you chase him.  The mask worn by your prankster friend is a Doctor Who Judoon Voice Changer Helmet.

The helmet comes in a full black design, with sleek lines, a netted visor, and an oval shape. The voice-changing mask has a pronounced snout. If you looked at the mask closely, images of a one horned rhinoceros or a plankton-eating whale may flash in your head. This is because the helmet resembles the facial structure of the aforementioned creatures.

In case you are wondering who or what a Judoon is, they are a race of rhinocerid humans that feature in the series Dr. Who.  The Judoon are a tall, intergalactic species with a stocky built and an ultra strict adherence to law enforcement. They have been notoriously nicknamed ‘police for hire’ by Dr. Who.

The coolest feature of this helmet (apart from its rhinoceros inspired snout) is that it can change your voice to sound exactly like an authoritative Judoon officer. It also has Judoon phrases such as, “Scan Complete” and “Category Human” available at the press of a button.

Now comes the best part…how and where to use it. On the Judoon helmet product page, one of the features listed is that it is a must for role play. Surprised ?  Don’t be.

Suppose there is a neighborhood version of Dr. Who to be staged, you could easily be the most noticed actor with your Judoon helmet. Or it is April fool’s day and you are thinking of a prank to play on your friends. In such situation, what better prank to play than the one mentioned in the first paragraph. The helmet can probably be used for fencing too; no one would dare challenge you.

Imagine all the fun you can have with this Doctor Who Judoon Voice Changer Helmet. It is, definitely, a must have helmet and available at $29.99.

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