Now you can Customize the Background of Your Google Homepage

You know one area where android looks shoddy when compared to iPhone? It is not about features, it can never be, it is about aesthetics. The looks and the beauty. Be it a Messaging App, Gtalk app or Call log on android, it falls in looks when compared to its counterpart iPhone OS, which has won the hearts of many people, at least here. Well, with heavy heart, I gotta say that it applies to Google all the same.

Although very quick to load (maybe the fastest one I’ve ever experienced), Google’s homepage by and large remains a plain vanilla page I have seen among the gazillion of them all. But that is gonna be history soon as the company has just announced another feature (read as customization) which will let the users place their fav image as the background to the most loved and helpful page on the WWW.

Users can add a photo from their computer or choose an image from the Picasa (a well known Google Image service). You have every inch of freedom to customize the background of your Google homepage by a family photo, your fav soccer star’s pic or your own personal snap. Those with good taste can also share their personalized page by sending a simple tweet on Twitter. Google surely knew what you would want this, too. Just tweet the pic of your new homepage with the hashtag #myGooglepage and it will be shared with Google.

Koons Screensho

It is very much possible that you have already checked several times your Google homepage before finishing reading this article or even reaching to this line, but were disappointed to find a way to put your fav pic. Do not blame me! I always had the same writing style but your patience this time is wearing thin. No? Actually, you need not panic, because the feature is being rolled out currently in the US only and that too on a step by step basis. No, we do not have any idea of what these steps really are. Nobody does, it’s a Google fact.

Otterness Frog Screenshot

Just check the lower left-hand corner to locate the feature, as and when it becomes available to you, and if you don’t find it now, be sure to check back later. That apart, fellas residing outside US (including me) will have to wait a couple of days and should check the same space then.

And if you loved the simple look more than anything in the world, you can simply opt for ‘classic Google’ option to restore it back. It will also come helpful when you really don’t wanna show your very very personalized page to someone else sitting nearby you. We understand that possibility, Google too.

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