Icon Letter and Envelope Design Is Geeky and Ironic

In an era where mode of written communication is entirely geeky in the form of text messages, video message or emails it is ironic to see a design for real paper letter and envelope which is inspired by the computer icons. Brigada Creativa is indeed making an very ironic statement with this computer document and email icon inspired design for good old ubiquitous snail mail essentials letter pad and envelope.

icon letter envelope design1

The Icon Letter and Envelope design reminds one of good old letter writing and snail mail days when one had to wait for days to get a reply through postal delivery.  The normal mail became ‘snail’ mail after the arrival of ‘email’. But for many retro geeks and old people the good old charm of hand written physical letter is much more than hundreds of emails that flood in inbox every day. This Icon Letter and Envelope design is in a way nostalgic ode to good old handwritten letters.

icon letter envelope design2

The Icon Letter and Envelope design in itself is very cool. The thick black outline of the envelope and the paper gives it a very neat look.

icon letter envelope design3

Hope this will come into to market as a product soon and inspire people to pick up ink-pens and write heartfelt lines to someone close and dear. The snail mail is the ultimate hardcopy which even geeks would love to treasure in their real time and space.

icon letter envelope design4

Computer and media icons have inspired many designers, take a look at Twitter and Facebook Mousepad or the Text Talk Pillow Design.

Via Design Milk