Walyou Random Roundup [June 12, 2010]

Walyou Roundup for June 12, 2010 includes Xbox Mod, Bowser Hoodies, Android Dock, Google Pacman, Tattoo Art, Star Wars, Mr T, iPad Games, Stormtroopers and more. We hope you enjoy the Roundup and have a wonderful weekend!

bowser hoodies images

1. Galactic Corsets Take the Internet by Stormtrooper (Asylum)

2. Angry Guys Doing Angry Guy Things In Movies (I Am Bored)

3. Bleep Bloop: iPad Games (CollegeHumor)

4. Tattoos that I can’t help but respect (the Chive)

5. TV Prop Fail: Same Newspaper (GadgetHim)

6. Christopher Uminga’s Comic Book Heroes With a Severe Cute Condition (Comics Alliance)

7. Looks Distracting: The Busty Arcade Controller (Geekologie)

8. Nothing’s More Awesome Than Tiny Mr. T (Holy Taco)

9. Bowser Hoodies for Dressing Up like the Super Mario Bros Game Antagonist! (WiiNoob)

10. Halo Reach Xbox 360 Case Mod (XboxFreedom)

11. Espresso Maker Gets Android Power for Mixing Music and Coffee (Geeky Gadgets)

12. InnoVision HoloAD Diamond 3D hologram projector (Geek With Laptop)

13. 2K Games shows off the weapons of Mafia II (Never Know Tech)

14. Star Wars Japanese Handbag & Coin Case (GadgetHer)

15. Lady Calls Tech Support to Turn Off Google’s Pac-Man Logo (Urlesque)

16. IES Launches Mi-hub Home Entertainment Stands (Gear Diary)