Hopscotch Calculator Design Is an Ode to Childhood Fun

Long time ago before technology brought in calculators, computers, TVs and many geeky games, modern entertainment along with them, most children spent their childhood hours outdoors in courtyards and parks playing innovative games. In every country there is a variation of popular children’s game Hopscotch which is essentially a grid game (grid is drawn on ground) played in open spaces.  Here is a Hopscotch Calculator design, which is more of a simple ode to this good old outdoor game.

hopscotch calculator design1

Hopscotch Calculator has a keyboard which resembles the grid of Hopscotch game and hence it can accommodate only 1-9 digits and simple operations only. The design itself is novel because it connects us to Hopscotch and that’s a good enough reason to have it on the desk. It will take us back to the childhood memories of open spaces and carefree days.  One can use two figures to hop across this calculator keyboard to retrace the old game rules.

hopscotch calculator design2

The Hopscotch Calculator is 55m x 110mm x 10 mm in size with rubber keys and is made of ABS plastic. It has 8-digit LCD display. Unfortunately it is still a design and one hopes designer Vadim Kibardin of Kibardindesign Studio will find manufacturers and we will get to buy this cute calculator.

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Via Yanko Design