HP MP3 Streaming Concept Sends Musical Notes To Every Corner Of Your Home!

HP MP3 Streaming is a new product in the musical gadgetry category. Designed by product designer Andrew Mitchell, the design fulfills the criteria set by HP for its product designs. A graduate in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University, Andrew hopes to catch HP’s attention some day. A resident of London’s Warwick, Mitchell specializes in Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Interaction Design etc. and has worked on many Innovative Designs as a freelancer.

HP MP3 Streaming

An MP3 streaming device takes its cues from HP for its styling. If you have this product you can play MP3’s from your personal computer and listen to it in any corner of your house, all from your existing speakers. Thanks to bluetooth it can be connected to personal computer and ensure easy data transfer. You could also store different kind of music in different albums. It looks really cool and if you are a gadget freak it’s a must have product.

HP MP3 Streaming 2

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HP MP3 Streaming 3