Batman: Arkham Asylum Wallet Rates Extremely High on Style Quotient

What would our superheroes do without super villains? A hero needs a villain to create nail biting situations, which the hero would then save. A villain, it could be said, forms the other half of the hero, and together they are two sides of superhero folklore. Without one, the other would be boring, monotonous, and unemployed.

Let’s take Batman, for instance. Without the Joker, Batman would not even be half as interesting, or half as edgy. At the end of the last Batman movie (The Dark Knight), the Joker was arrested and transported to Arkham Asylum. Most Batman aficionados would testify that no institution is insane enough to hold the Joker.

The video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum continues from where The Dark Knight left off. Within the walls of Arkham Asylum, the Joker is up to his old tricks and plans to create an army that will run over Gotham City. Who else can stop the arch villain but Batman?

Batman: Arkham Asylum has been adjudged the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’ by the Guinness Book of World Records. The critical and commercial success of the videogame prompted merchandisers to design a cool looking wallet.

Among other things, a man is definitely known for the kind of wallet he carries around. It signifies class, style, and is an indicator of how much he carries inside. The Batman: Arkham Asylum wallet is a tri-fold wallet that is made of pure black leather (it could not have been any other color), and has a sleek superhero finish. The wallet has an eye catching, raised, metallic batman logo paired with a 15-inch long steel chain that can be attached to your belt.

As there can be no Batman without a Joker, the face of the wallet features the face of the two popular characters side by side: One-half Batman, one-half Joker; the steady, intense look of the winged crusader matched by the evil, anarchic smile of the green-haired villain. With the two together, it makes for one helluva design that will surely up your style quotient.

If you want to impress the cute cash-counter girl at the neighborhood supermarket, there could be no better way than flash your Batman/Joker wallet while you pay for your stuff. The cutie would immediately assume that though you are a good guy, you could be a real badass too if the need arises – An unbeatable combination as far as the ladies are concerned.

The video game inspired wallet will make paying money a whole lot cooler and heroic if we may add. So, if you are in the mood to hero up, go get the Batman: Arkham Asylum wallet for only $14.99.

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Via: PS3Maven