Break Open Your Emergency Toilet Paper Roll!

Last Sunday I was at a friends place, enjoying delicious food and remembering the good old days. It was here and in the loo that I spotted a transparent box which said “Break glass in case of an emergency”. It was an emergency toilet roll. Being a student of marketing I would rather call it discovery of a latent need.This toilet roll is not for regular use, but you got to open it only when the regular one suddenly gets over. Even though it was just a toilet paper, at least one mind quite well imagined an annoying situation where there is no toilet paper left and also came up with a solution. Indeed a marketing mind worth complimenting.

emergency toilet roll

We can have this in our personal toilets whenever you have guest at home. But I guess more than homes, this emergency toilet paper should come handy in the rest room of malls, hotels, airport, and offices etc, where the house keepers aren’t too prompt when it comes to replenishing the stock. It is available for £3.99 at the Spinning Hat.

emergency toilet roll 2

I know of people who carry their newspapers to avoid getting bored on the toilet seat. Although we live in an internet age where we read news on the net, we can’t really carry our laptops inside the loo. So now you get toilet papers which keep you engaged. To learn how you must read The 15 Geekiest Toilet Paper DesignsDispensers and Color By Numbers Toilet Paper.