Boots That Charge Your Mobile On The Go!

If you think the boots in the picture are regular ones, then you have already misjudged them; Calling them multipurpose footwear would also be an understatement. For all you know, your wisdom could be judged by the shoes you put on.

Orange Power Wellies

The soles of the boots in subject, tap solar energy and generate electricity through something called seedbeck effect. This electricity is sufficient to charge a mobile phone. Power Willies & GotWind, have jointly worked on developing this concept which appears to be an extension of  Orange’s Solar Concept Tent that that makes use of cutting edge eco-energy technology. It allows campers to power their essential camping gadgets. The specially coated solar threads woven into the conventional fabric and designed to capture solar energy would soon see the light of the day.

When you go out for work in the day time, these shoes don’t sit idle. They produce electricity so that you can use it latter during your dinner outside. I never knew that even footwear’s can be so thoughtful. So, what are you waiting for, put on your dancing shoes and shake a leg while your mobile gets charged.

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via: engadget