The New Shark Backpack Puts Lethal Jaws On Your Back

Summer holidays are inching to a close and it is only commonplace that we gear up for school and shop for some upcoming campus domination! Once you’ve checked school clothes, and stationery off your list, the final quintessential thing of course would be a school bag, and the latest trends to sport on the backs of young people are some cool looking beasts.

Since most of us seem to be scorned at for being attention-snatchers while sporting some high-tech, Gen-X bags, we had better just stick to the regular ones that help us tote along our books, currency, mp3 players etc. Animal-prints and images on ‘my-stuff’ are not just endearing but also show the world that contrary to the popular belief, our generation is quite clued-up about the current-affairs. What with the extinction-wildfire and rampant poaching, animals top our fret-about list today. Lucky for us, backpack-manufacturers have shadowed our views and this summer, there is a variety of animal-themed bags that you ought to check out. You could play safe with the regulars like the turtles and giraffes or you could make a bold, standoffish statement with the shark-themed backpack.

Right from the day of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, there has been much talk about the might of the sharks and their dominance of the oceans. Sharks translate to ruthlessness, brutal vigor and energy, and this backpack, worked on the lines of the great white shark, the most hardnosed of them all, is the coolest pick.

Aside from the smart design and the killer-cool looks, its lucid practicality adds to its traits as a good school-rucksack. Along with a strong top-handle and comfy adjustable straps, the bag has two zippered compartments, one leading straight in between the shark’s pointy whites, making it rather modish whenever you stash your binder in there, right into the shark’s mouth and another slightly-bigger one a little farther up its head.

So if you’re looking for a genuinely awesome one for your own, you must explore the virtual shelves of CainaMarket from the country of all things stylish and cute, be it manga, anime or Hello Kitty- Japan, at a best buy of $98. Have a great time at school this year by flaunting a shark on your back.

There are various other types of backpacks such as 3PO Droid Backpack and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack that you could choose from for this summer. If Sharks are more your flavor, then the Shark Sleeping Bag is a hilarious place to lay your head in.

Via: Ohgizmo