AirVolt Wireless Phones Charger lets You Charge Your Phone Anywhere Anytime

There are situations when we find cannot find a socket conveniently to charge the dying battery of the cellphone. That happens too often and it gets really frustrating to be not able to use dear phone when you have one in hand crying for a charged battery.The situation only gets worse when you have the idea that it would take too long to reach home/office while there are some important calls to be made or SMS to be exchanged.

Airvolt Wireless Phone Charger

Well, that why some genius came with an idea of portable charger that you can carry to avoid those unwanted out-of-battery situations and be able to charge anytime anywhere as needed. That’s how the AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger came into existent as a reliable marketable product to make life more easier.

The use of induction technology is the basic idea upon which the AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger has been built. Simply slide your phone through the charging slot and wait for it to get fully charged. The charger will off itself automatically after its work has been done. Quite convenient, No?

Wireless Phone charger desk

The AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger supports all the phone you like to carry and that applies to iPhone also. Moreover, it charges your phone at the same speed as your normal charger does. So, it does not spoil the fun, you see. Plus, there is an extra built-in USB port to bring happiness to your iPod. The Wireless charger measures 5.5″ x 4.5″ (14 x 11.5cm) and that’s not bad at all, given the convenience it’s providing.

AirVolt phone charger Dock

So, what’s the price, after all? It costs you $49.99. The package includes charging tray, receiver, A/C power supply and instructions (in case you need some) . If you have made up your mind to purchase one for your phone, there is some bad news, although temporary. It’s currently in ‘Out of Stock’ condition, so you will have to wait estimated 1-3 weeks of time for the inventory to be replenished. Worst, the product is an exclusive one from, which means that you can’t find it anywhere else.

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