Tetris Dress for the Lady Geeks

Having been crowned the greatest game of all time Electronic Gaming Monthly’s in its list of the 100 greatest video games of all time, Tetris, your beloved game of four square blocks or in geek tongue, tetrominoes is back, this time in the form of a dress.Tetris Dress

So all you lady geeks out there, you now have a chance to wear your favorite video game in a custom made dress and what’s even better is that you can choose for a one-shoulder, a strapless or a tank top.

Tetris Dress (4)

This awesome dress by Zidisha Luxe, inspired by Alexey Pazhitnov’s puzzle video game of pure magnificence, is made from stretchy black interlock knit jersey for the main portion and heather Gray jersey for the piping, bringing you a nice body hugging fit and the falling tetrominoes contribute to a beautiful and dazzling design.

Tetris Dress (3)

Since this Tetris dress is custom made, after stitching the dress as per your measurements Zidisha spends hours just cutting and stitching each of the brightly colored squares with coordinating thread colors and the result is always in superlatives of awesomeness.

Tetris Dress (2)

Great for geek parties this dress is great for daily wear as well. How cool would it be to wear Tetris showing the true ‘colors’ of your inner geek to the world? And since its custom made, no one in the world will have the same pattern on a dress!

Available at $60, this dress is just Tetra brilliant!

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