17 Geeky Computer Mice Mods

What could be better than a Mouse that reflects your personality and the way you think and act? Customized mice have always been in vogue, but the world of modding takes mice a step ahead from the mice offered in the markets. Modders usually mod existing mice and create something fantastic or they use certain other portable gadgets and mod a mouse into it.

These creative and technological advanced mice are a source of inspiration not just for budding modders, but also those who are interested in technology but were always afraid to try their hand at modding. Here are some of the coolest mice mods that we found.

USB Mice Wheel Gadget

1 mice wheels

We all know about the typing speed softwares, but they are quite boring. This cool USB Mice Wheel Gadget is a lot more fun than that, and the wheel spins faster when you type faster.

Steampunk Mouse Mod

2 steampunk mouse

Steampunk has almost become a cult symbol, and if you are into it, you just can’t miss this Victorian Steampunk Mouse Mod. It exudes a sort of vintage charm that you won’t be able to resist.

Stone Mouse

3 stone mouse

You may have wondered why anybody would want to create a mouse in stone. Well, the Russian designers of this Stone Mouse think it is a great way to reveal the talents of Russian modders.

Body Mouse

4 body mouse

These creepy mice come in the shape of toes, thumbs and teeth. It might look macabre but maybe a great way to appreciate the mechanisms of our anatomy. It was designed by Chris Lomaka.

Source 1

Mouse Mouse

5 mouse mouse

When you first learned the word “mouse”, you must have found it funny that a gadget like that should be called something similar to a rat. Here is a mouse that has been made from a stuffed mouse. Mouse Mouse could have just been called a Mouse, pun intended.

Source 1

Wooden Mice

6 wooden mouse

Think about all the trees that are chopped in order to create wood, and you will know the reason for deforestation. This Wooden Mouse certainly works fine, and will also remind you to use wood that is procured from renewable forests.

Source 1

Hand Grenade Mouse

7 hand grenade mouse

The computer mouse fits easily in a person’s palm, and so does the hand grenade. This Hand Grenade Mouse reminds you that while you are using the computer, there might be people fighting for their countries with hand grenades.

Source 1

Inflatable Mouse

8 inflatable computer mouse

Those who like blowing balloons would surely love the Inflatable Mouse. Called Jellyclick, it was created by Korean designers. It saves space too!

Source 1

SNES Mouse

9 SNES mouse

If you loved playing games even when you were a kid, you would remember the SNES. Here is a mouse that has been modded to remind you of the SNES.

Source 1

Mouse with a Fan

10 fan mouse

Most people complain about their palms getting sweaty while using mice. The Mouse with a Fan solves the problem by blowing wind while you place your palm on the mouse.

Source 1

Mac Mod Mouse

Though Apple might have its own mouse for the Mac, this modded version surely kicks ass. It has a certain translucent charm which makes it look truly from the 90s.

12 mac apple mouse

These Mac Mod Mice come in black with blue, black with red and plain grey. If you are an Apple fan, you would certainly want these.

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Xbox 360 Adapter Mouse

13 xbox 360 mouse

By taking a non working Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter, the modder created this cool mouse mod. He ripped it apart, got it working and then turned it into a mouse!

Source 1

Apple Mighty Mouse

14 apple mighty mouse

This Apple Mighty Mouse mod is drastically different from the original, and the modder used an Apple Pro Mouse to create this 100% working Apple Mighty Mouse Mod. Of course, he reglued the capacitative sensors to make it functional.

Source 1

Blue Foil Mouse Mod

This mouse would appeal to the LED fans, and has a certain sci-fi feel to it. The evil way it glows reminds me of cool devices used on board galactic ships.

Source 1

Bargy’s Mouse Mod

16 bargys mouse

With a rib-like design on the body of the mouse, the Bargy’s Mouse Mod is something that every geek must possess.

Source 1

Bone Mouse

17 bones mouse

Though this Bone Mouse has been inspired by the Steampunk movement, what makes it stand apart from the rest is the fact that it has been created using real rat bones. It is rather gross, but still looks damn cool.

These mods might inspire you to use one of those unused and old mice in your house and try your modding skills on them! It never hurts to try something creative, even in technological world. Like they say, one really needs to put in some effort to explore one’s own talents. Perhaps trying to mod an unused computer mouse in the house would set the path to your becoming a famous modder!