Cool Space Invaders Wall Stickers, For Your Wall’s New Look!

For those who are looking to perk up their bedroom walls, here I present to you the Space Invaders Wall stickers. No need to have those monotonous posters on your walls anymore. These funky stickers are cool, colourful, and will instantly add a bit of fun to your room.

invader wall stickers

The best part is that you can arrange these removable stickers into any pattern that matches your liking. These stickers contain self- adhesive wall decals, which mean you do not have to worry about the poster falling off or putting a stain on the wall whenever you remove it. All you have to do is pick your favourite pattern and stick em on. The surface however should be smooth and flat. This means your walls, windows, mirrors, tables, ceiling (or just let your imagination run wild) can be decorated with these cool stickers. Each set runs for only $39.99 and you will get seven 13 inch aliens in 4 different hues like red, electric blue, kiwi, and raspberry. You also get a base station shooter and eight color coded missiles to attack these aliens. Seems like your very own video game on a wall! So plan your attack, and just peel and paste these stickers on your boring wall and make it come alive! And trust be this is the best thing you could do to you wall before the next get together at your place.

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Via: Think Geek