Seer: Android and iPhone Application Gets Information of Almost Everything

Freshly trimmed green grass, men and women dressed in traditional whites, fresh strawberries with yummy cream, sparkling Pimms spritzers, and dramatic rain. Welcome to Wimbledon, the pre-eminent tennis tournament in the world; a place where the theater of tennis comes alive.

It is the dream of every tennis player, pro or otherwise, to win the Championships at Wimbledon. With its long and feted history, Wimbledon is to tennis what the World Cup is to Soccer.

The tournament is held at the All England club and gets its name from the quiet London suburb that hosts it: Wimbledon. Year after year, people throng to Wimbledon to see their tennis gods in action. With its multiple courts, schedules, events, eateries, it might get a bit difficult to keep a tab on everything.

To help Wimbledon attendees catch all the action and get all the information, IBM has launched a mobile phone app for the tournament and it is called ‘Seer’ (pronounced se-er). If you are an Android or iPhone user, and you plan to watch Roger Federer defend his title this Wimbledon, then Seer is the app for your mobile phone. Seer serves up all the information you would require and more on your mobile phone.

Suppose you are standing outside Centre Court and would like to receive information regarding specific locations, facilities, or even live scores of the matches in progress, just activate the camera setting and point your Android or iPhone towards the spot and be amazed.

The Android app (or iPhone) utilizes the GPS on your mobile phone to overlay information on your mobile screen. If you point your phone to a restaurant, Seer will list all the details of the restaurant. If you point your phone to a landmark location, the app will list its history and significance. If you point your phone at a parking lot…well, you get the drift. The app also provides live, updated information regarding scores and availability of tickets.

Seer is an augmented reality app: an app that lists information regarding locations, amenities, and facilities of a tourist spot or of an event.

What makes this app way cooler than others of its kind is that the information is overlaid on your mobile screen as and when you point it to a specific target. On other augmented reality apps, the information is presented in the form of a static map.

I am off to see Roger Federer take on the world. Hope to see you there too, on Seer.

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Via: ShinyShiny