The Ultimate Gaming Shirt: a Must Have for all Gamers

What is the ultimate dream for a die-hard gamer? Is it having the latest high definition, Internet-enabled console? Is it having the most responsive, easy to use joystick? Probably, it is playing the most anticipated release even before the game is released.

We would like to believe that gaming utopia can be achieved when all consoles would integrate into a single console. In other words, when games would no longer be console specific.

Picture this: Your three favorite games can be played only on three different consoles. It is not practical (or economical) to have three consoles to satiate your gaming needs. You have installed a Nintendo Wii at home to play your favorite boxing game. An Xbox 360 is at your friend’s place where you play your favorite first person shooter. A third friend has a Sony PS3 and this is where you play your favorite racing game. You need to hop, skip, and jump three venues just to play your favorite games.

Wouldn’t it be nice to play all your favorite games nestled in your couch at home. A symbol of a hopeful future, where games are machine free, is the cool, black, gaming t-shirt that has ‘Coexiist’ imprinted on it. The reason why this ubiquitous looking t-shirt is a symbol for a platform free gaming future is that each letter in the word ‘Coexiist’ represents a logo of popular consoles.

The C stands for ColecoVision, a brand that may not have popular recall among young gamers. ColecoVision released its arcade-styled console and games in the early eighties. It was a huge hit and is now widely regarded as a 1980s pop culture icon.

Letter O in ‘Coexiist’ is a red colored spiral and is the logo of Sega’s Dreamcast. This console is credited with pioneering online console gaming. The letter E is again related to Sega, since it is the E of the Sega logo.

X in gaming culture can only mean one thing: Microsoft Xbox. The software giant saw an opportunity to diversify with gaming consoles. Xbox is rated among the top three brands of the gaming industry.

Coexist is usually spelled with one i, but the print on the tee has two i. The double i is part of Nintendo’s Wii, currently the number 1 brand of the gaming industry. The letter T in coexist is also from the Nintendo logo.

That leaves us with the letter S, which belongs to a former number 1: Sony Playstation. This gaming tee is a symbol of a day when all gamers and consoles will be united with a single passion – gaming. You can buy the ultimate gaming tee with $15.99.

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