Amazing Italian Designed Space Saving Furniture

I was just amazed with the various furniture I saw in the video below, for they are space saving, extremely practical and are also really well designed. They are more than a simple folding bed or an expanding table but actual transforming pieces that would be efficient within any apartment, room or home. The maker is explaining throughout about the furniture design, but the video is totally worth watching!

The process, as explained by Resource Furniture, combines a Furniture Designer, a Mechanical Engineer and also a Hardware company to put together amazing sets that could make any room, studio apartment or space a lot more useful and enjoyable.

If you are more of a Geek, then you should definitely have a look at the Geeky Furniture we covered before or the Geeky Coffee Table Designs that could really be a fit in at least one room in every home.

Thanks Itamar for the tip!

resource furniture space saving table image thumb

21 thoughts on “Amazing Italian Designed Space Saving Furniture

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  4. John Emdall.

    Space savings and efficiency are great and all that, but beds are for more than just sleeping. I wouldn’t want to have to clean up all the stuff that spills from the pantry shelves every time we had sex.

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  6. chris.

    I have been in the furniture business for 35 years, and, I am still amazed at this innovation.Clever well designed. How do I get to work for this company.

  7. Anne.

    Love your brain – greatest thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Just disappointed I didn’t come up with something like this!!!

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  12. Bowdie.

    Too bad this furniture will be well beyond the price range of most people forced to live in small spaces.


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