The Most Mobile Workplace in the World

Kruikantoor is a combination of the words wheelbarrow and office. The combination of words might sound a bit weird but Dutch designer Tim Vinke has brought the two together in the form of his newly designed portable office, and let me tell you that the end product is not a pinch weird.

To what extent do you think an office can be portable? You could move your papers, your computer or laptop or may be your furniture also. But shifting from one place to another is a big hassle, especially when you doing it all alone. And if you are new in the business it is an even bigger challenge. In the first place getting a place to start your enterprise might be difficult and once obtained you need enough financial support to maintain one. So what do you do?

The answer to your worries could be one word – Kruikantoor, which consists of the bare minimum you would require to keep your mills rolling. This compact unit can be easily packed up and wheeled from one place to another as and when needed with the least possible effort.

Take a look at this well thought out design which comprises all that a starting entrepreneur would require. There are slots for two chairs which can be disengaged from the main unit with utmost ease. The top of the ‘wheelbarrow’ forms the workstation once fit in to the given slot. There is also provision for a storage electricity connection which means your laptop can be supported. The facility of a light leaves you at ease to work in a dark surrounding also, not that you will necessarily be in a dark surrounding. When into a job you would need some storage area for necessary objects as well. This is smartly provided in this unit whose statistics stand at 1500 x 400 x 1200mm in dimensions.

With chairs, a table, storage area and electricity storage capacity, the Kruikantoor can said to be a comprehensive set-up for an entrepreneur on the go, especially for a budding one. Made from a light weight material like polystyrene and hot sprayed with a poly urea coating, this compact unit is easy to maneuver. The sort of dull grey color might not be very appealing but when it comes to the comfort and ease it offers, the color takes a backseat.

Moreover, the idea of having to wheel your office from one location to another gives vibes of instability but at the same time it cannot be denied that owning or renting a property is no child’s business and one may have to regularly shift locations. In such circumstances it is good to have an establishment that ensures easy and hassle free shifting.

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Via: Thedesignblog