Marty McFly’s Back to the Future Shoes Made Real

Back to the Future just marked its 25th Anniversary, so it is no surprise some geeky fan rose up and made a great mod: a homemade version of Marty McFly’s auto closing shoes that were first seen in Back to the Future II.

The color design may not be as consistent as with the ones seen in the film, but the result would make any fan excited to see (watch it in action in the video). This new shoe mod created at Instructables uses an Arduino microcontroller and two servo motors. As you step inside the shoe, the force sensor feels the additional pressure, adds tension to the lases, tightens the shoe and Viola! Marty’s shoes become a real thing.

marty mcfly shoes hack

Unfortunately, it isn’t as cost-effective as geeks would wish, but it is a great start which we hope Nike would pick up their research from.

back to the future shoe design

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back to the future shoes hack