Spider Man Does Whatever a Pancake Pan Can

Spider-man seems to have an ever growing list of responsibilities. He has to protect the city, civilians, everyone he cares about (which may or may not be Mary Jane depending on where are are in the series) and now he has to make you breakfast. This Spider-Man pancake pan shows us that superheroes still think it’s important for you to get some nutrition in the morning, too!

Now as the original post points out the ad where this was originally pulled from is from a company called Alumax. I visited their site via the link in the original post and it admittedly does look a bit like shadytown or at the very least limited functionality as I couldn’t really find anywhere to actually order stuff, so you may want to head elsewhere (like Amazon) to pick one up.  It looks like there are plenty of reputable sources out there if you demand spiderman pancakes, so I’d head to said places instead. Still the concept is pretty rad, I mean who doesn’t like to eat spider man pancakes for breakfast! I’d love to use them with my old man fiber one pancake mix. I’m sure there are plenty of spiderman quotes you could use for fun breakfast puns too, as one commenter quipped: “With great syrup, must come great wheatcakes.” It actually hurt to type that out. Seriously.

With the addition of the spiderman pancake pan, you can integrate spiderman into just about every aspect of your daily routine. Need to get up in the morning? Spiderman can wake you up with his superhero alarm clock, which really should be called “spideysense noise.” Then you can roll out of bed, throw on your spiderman cap to cover up your bed head, and start making some mean old spiderman pancakes. Oh yeah, it’s all coming together now.

Via: Comics Alliance