Zemno Deskbook Pro is the Best Way to Upgrade Your Notebook’s Functions

Are you also in the league of frustrated Notebook users who are struggling with limited options available to upgrade beloved gadget? We know, a notebook provides hell lot of freedom and works fine without the clutter of wires – the factor that goes against notorious Desktop – but the main limitation of a notebook is its ability to upgrade conveniently and easily. Even when you manage to find relevant upgrade, the cost dampens the mood. And yes, this is where Desktop score most, be it adding a graphic card or changing the processor, or just adding more shiny accessories you just purchased in your last visit to local hardware store. I mean customization is a thing in Desktop, to cheer for.

DeskBook pro Front View

But someone’s been listening and has come with altogether different solution to nullify so-called limitations of notebooks. We are referring to Zemno Deskbook Pro, which serves as a docking station for your laptop to break barriers of storage, power, connectivity, etc.

The Deskbook Pro presented by Gregg DeFronzo is basically an additional equipment that you would need to carry to supplement your laptop. Speaking of size and weight, it mimics laptop, and looks like a twin to your notebook. Okay, carrying another bulky device to support first one does not seem like a good idea, but it help a lot, when you need the functions it provides.

DeskBook pro with mac Notebook

Like, you can connect it to your laptop to many-fold the latter’s capabilities and all of sudden, Laptop ranks equal to a desktop. You can connect USB to Deskbook Pro and laptop will have full access to that USB. Likewise, additonal storage helps the drained hard disk on your laptop, as you can save your data on it, and even connect it to another laptop without any problem.

Laptop Attached

Here is what you can expect from the Deskbook Pro, which was initially made for the Mac Notebooks but is equally compatible with those running windows, including Desktops:

  • Super connectivity – never be shy of connecting anything. It features 7 USB ports, 3 Firewire 800 ports, 1 Firewire 400 port, 1 DVI output, 1 ESATA Data, 1 ESATA Power connection, 1 Audio Stereo input/Output and a flash card reader.
  • It supports laptop and Mac notebooks with 15 inch of screen or less. For additonal screen size, you need an upgrade of Deskbook Pro.
  • Features Modbays – These are additional modules with specific characteristics. Maximum 2 Modbays can be attached to Deskbook Pro. Like, to increase storage capacity, you can insert two modules each capable of maximum 500GB of hard disk to increase your laptop’s storage limits to 1TB. Cool! If hard drive is not you want, connect a battery, or any other peripheral device like iPod.

DeskBook pro Back View

Thus, Deskbook Pro simply pumps up the adrenaline of your laptop’s capabilities and provides you with choices you never thought of.

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