Green Noise Can Be A Source Of Electricity!

Noise disturbed, irritated and took away your peace of mind, but now you don’t have a reason to complain because noise has become a blessing in disguise. We never imagined that noise could ever be put into functional use, but all thanks to the Green Noise Concept, it is now a reality. This concept has been designed keeping the high noise levels in mind. Green Noise concept is an innovative speaker system that transforms noise into electric energy.
green noise concept 1
The circular shaped speakers absorb sound and convert it into electricity sufficient to light up the highway. During the rainy season, it expels the water but collects the sound. The tripod like structure in the concept helps in placing it anywhere on the wall or the ceiling.
green noise concept 2
Designer, Jou Hung-Uei’ s concept aims at making airports self sufficient, as far as electricity consumption is concerned. When this concept comes into application, you could happily contribute to the noise without being embarrassed.
green noise concept 3
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