iHood Hoodie: Get the Controls of Your iGadget on Your Sleeves

The sweatshirt is one of the most comfortable casual apparels. Fashions come and go but the style of sweatshirt stays as it is. But how about making minor additions in it which would leave the wearer at ease in more than one way? Limbgear has come up with a cool concept of an interactive sweatshirt whose interactivity takes this age old comfort wear to a whole new level.

Available in a pullover and full zip hood style the campus sweatshirt is equipped with a touch pad on the sleeve which enables control of ipods and iphones. Its design promises a hundred percent hands free and tangle free musical experience on the go. In fact getting geared up for this musical ride is absolutely hassle-free. Let us take it one step at a time:

Insert the headphone wire in the loop provided on the inside of the back. Pull out the other end of the wire from a small access point in the pocket. Connect the headphone wire to the ipod/iphone that you will place in your pocket.Then with a PANiQ connector (to be purchased separately) connect the ipod/iphone to the touchpad controls.

A close look at the sleeve would reveal six controls clearly marked out. Going right to left there is the button to skip a track forward, the play/pause button, button to skip a track backwards, the volume up and down buttons and the lock button. Once satisfied with the settings the lock button is pressed with the play/pause button to lock the settings.  The musical device has been ‘synchronized’ with the sweatshirt and having locked all desired settings, all that now need to be done is play a favorite number.

What does this musical experience cost you? The sweatshirt comes at a price of around $69. To get your Hoodie functional with the ipod/iphone you would need a PANiQ controller and this comes at a price of $24 making the entire set cost a little less than $100.

The Limbgear iHood Hoodie is made of 80/20 cotton poly blend. As the touchpad is completely washable, worries of it getting damaged by water can be put to rest. However, take care to remove the PANiQ controller and the ipod/iphone before the wash, for you must be aware that these are not washable at all.

Paired up with PANiQ electronics the wearer is granted the gift of music along with an active life. In the times of increased mobility this new pairing up promises a musical life and that too hands free.

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Via: Chip Chick