Tetris Table Again! It Seems That We Can Never Get Enough Of It!

Tetris is one of the few games that captured the imaginations of all those who ever played it, to such an extent that it probably blocked up their entire life sequence! This another Tetris table is the result of one Tetris game going way outside it’s normal parameters where the blocks have carefully assembled themselves in the form of a table in the imagination of Jared Kohn, a designer by profession. Tetris Table1

One of the most interesting facts to notice is that we usually take our likes and dislikes to a completely different level, sometimes to a level of insanity, maybe that is precisely the point that differentiates us humans from the other creatures. The Tetris craze is one such liking that has gone beyond bounds and made it to the heads of every one who has ever played the game and such designs and gadgets are a testimony to this fact.

Tetris Table2

This colorful Tetris table is quite fit for our backyard garden or perfect for setting up at any picnic spot, but the only obstacle on this path that this table is still in it’s design stage.. so if you are really looking for some cool Tetris stuff why not check out the Tetris soap or play the cool Analog Tetris.. a great way to loose weight.