Wacky Accordion Speakers for Your Living Room

When you hold it in your hand for the first time, you will be tempted. Its function is to play your tunes loud and clear, but because of its accordion shape, you will be tempted to try and play it like the box –shaped musical instrument.

We are talking about music speakers that have two square white boxes attached to a central sub woofer (embedded in a white square) by black synthetic valves. Since the structural design of the speakers resembles an accordion, it has been named Music Accordion Speakers.

The accordion shape of the speakers allows the user to maneuver it in any direction he or she wishes to. You could have the two ends of the speakers face opposite directions, like an S shape; you could have the speakers face each other, like a U shape; or you could have it curled like a C shape.

There are only 26 alphabets in English, but the speakers can be customized in an endless number of shapes, the wackier the better. By giving you the ability to twist and turn the speakers in any way possible, designer Yuan Xinwei allows you to create your own sound effects as well.

The vents of the speakers, apart from flexing into a variety of shapes, can be collapsed to the centre and carried around like a cool accessory. Something like the boom boxes of the eighties, but much more compact and definitely more stylish.

Apart from being able to bend into flexible shapes, the accordion shaped speakers can also stream music in clear, crisp, bass-rich sound. The tonal ability of these compact speakers would give many of its bigger brothers and sisters a ‘sound’ complex.

We have talked about the Music Accordion Speakers ability to bend like a gymnast, and produce superior quality sound tones. Now we will reveal the reason why these box shaped speakers rate high on the coolness scale.

Located behind the central sub woofer are two transparent suction caps. Why do speakers need suction caps… you may wonder. The two suction caps allow the speakers to attach itself to any kind of surface. Think Spiderman without the crime fighting abilities. You can stick the box speakers to a mirror, wall, or even the ceiling.

Imagine the surprise on the face of your hot date, or your friends, when they don’t see the speakers and wonder where the music is streaming from.

Music Accordion Speakers can be synced to any portable media player or music phone. If you are looking for a new pair of wacky speakers, do lend an ear to the accordion shaped speakers.

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