Amazing Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet: Red Dog 3 from Noble Studios

With a look that can marvel anybody and an amazing story behind its creation, the RED DOG-3 helmets on their very first glance make people go crazy to have a close view of it. No one can really blame them, just take a look at this amazing Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet!


The total credit for this wonderful job of thinking of going into the Stormtrooper project and bringing it into reality goes to its combined creators, Lawrence Noble and Shane Curran, without any doubt. The final output, the RED DOG-3 Stormtrooper helmet is so outlandish in look and comes in such new appealing design that wherever it is, it is sure to steal an attention.

These Star Wars helmets are designed with all those things and equipments that one may not be able to think about going for in his wildest dreams. Copper, leather, plastic, brass and black walnut and even real hair have been used to give these helmets a scary and out of this world look. Well, this is quite sure that after having a look at these Steampunk creations and no one will be able to catch it that it was the first work ever of Shane Curran!


However, the process of thinking about the creation of these helmets for the first time and then reaching the final stage was not that simple and short. It took 60 man hours and made Shane and Lawrence Noble spend several days of discussion and speculation who even wandered from one store to another for finding the suitable things. As a first step, sketches of the helmets were made by Shane and after alterations and modifications of those sketches the processes of applying the unusual things on the helmet took place. The funniest thing is that the dreadlocks found in some of the RED DOG-3 helmets were actually hairs of Shane which he kept saved after cutting away and that really came of good use!

RED DOG 3 helmet

While summing up, it must be admitted that anybody in the coming days may come up with new and scintillating ideas of helmets or anything else, but still the things used for making these helmets and especially the human hair, have placed these in some other heights. Such creativity, such great thoughts and such rare art works have kept many jaws fall wide open for sure. Rocking work guys!!

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Via: 501sttkproject