iCon Bed Works With iPad and is SNES Themed

It seems that the sleepless nights and endless works will be over now and one can do most of his works by lying on his bed only as all that will be made possible by the iCon Bed, a bed designed by the Hollandia International and global mattress brand Therapedic.

icon bed

A bed made especially for working with Apple iPad surely is a revolutionary and first ever creation in this world. Every part and design of it is prepared just for making it compatible to support you while you work in the Apple iPad. The joint collaboration of these two companies, Hollandia International and Therapedic could bring such wonderful result that probably was never thought.

The best factor about the iCon Bed is that the person using the iPad can use it anyway he wants while seating or sleeping on the bed. There are perfect facilities for the iPad to be placed and handled. The amazing fact is that while using or chatting or listening to music in the iPad if you fall asleep too you will not have to worry about turning it off. This bed will, in fact, recharge the iPad while you fall asleep in the mid of a function running.

Man’s lifestyle can be so enhanced to get attuned with the latest technologies that have very well been mirrored by this bed. It has been decided that the products of these companies are to be sold all over the world. Therapedic stores too will be opened in the cities of Israel next year and that is sounding as one of the best news ever for the consumers.

Well, resisting yourself from not buying it or even from not having a look at it definitely is something not possible. Whatever you want and you need for a comfort sleeping, for resting and working on a bed are just very brilliantly assembled in this bed. The CEO of Hollandia Avi Barssessat absolutely has the right to be proud at this after all they have completed an outstanding creation in the form of this bed. Same is the thing with the CEO of Therapedic, Gerry Borreggine. The Therapedic people are delighted to be the partners of Hollandia and said that they are looking forward to bring several such creative things into the market in the coming time that can keep the eyebrows raised.

The company says that the pricing for the iCon Bed starts at $20,000 but the thing is that with all those great styling and such a great concept behind the creation of this bed, it should have been priced a bit more!!

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Via: Techeblog