22 Awesome Papercraft Weapons

Many have a fascination with different guns for their looks and potential power, but in order to find a better way to present them, some great artists ended up making amazing papercraft weapon models which look beautiful and are pretty harmless…except for a few paper cuts.
To provide a great collection, we gathered here 22 Papercraft Weapons which can be made at home…it only takes some patience, creativity and a killer talent. For other cool weapons, check out the Steampunk Weapons collection which is just as creative.

Hellboy Good samaritan

hellboy good samaritan papercraft weapon

Hellboy has been a popular comic book characters for quite some time with his attitude and cool style. In this creation, the Hellboy Good Samaritan Papercraft brings his personal weapon to your home in a very detailed manner.

Papercraft Weapons Arsenal

papercraft weapons craft 1

papercraft weapons craft 2

papercraft weapons craft 3
An entire arsenal of weapons was built by Br3ndan Sullivan which would impress any weapon lover and paper designer. Such detail and creativity is clear with any of the models, and the best part is that no one got hurt in the process.

papercraft weapons craft 4

papercraft weapons craft 5

paper bazooka craft 1

Anti-aircraft Paper Gun

anti-aircraft gun papercraft weapons

The detail and thought that is apparent with this Anti-aircraft gun from kieranmcglone is outstanding and deserves a metal of honor.

GTA Paper Pistol

gta chinatown wars pistol papercraft weapon

This cool pistol is actually one from GTA Chinatown Wars and is beautifully created by Ian Bowden, yet it will not be of any help when attempting to hijack any vehicles.

Medieval Paper Weapons

trebuchet papercraft model weapon

paper sword papercraft weapons

Made to look extremely real, these are some great creations by Shiela Mertens that present a Medieval sword, trebuchet, Mace and Morningstar. Although they cannot harm in real battle, they would be fun to mount on your walls of your castle. For other weird Medieval ideas, have a look at the Lego Torture Devices.

morningstar papercraft weapons

mace weapon paper model

Assorted Paper Weapons

paper weapons craft 1

paper weapons craft 2

paper weapons craft 3

Found as a group of weapons, it seems the artist is attempting to build up his arsenal of weapons…sticking to the right to bare arms.

paper weapons craft 4

paper weapons craft 5

paper weapons craft 6

paper weapons craft 7

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Miniature Paper Gun

miniature paper gun craft

This miniature paper gun from McBrandon makes it really easy to conceal a weapon…but rest assured that even though it is made of paper…airport authority will still make a big deal of it. For another explosive mini example, be amazed by the functional miniature cannon.

miniature paper gun craft 1

Trigun Papercraft

trigun papercraft weapons

The Trigun by Kadou is simply bigger than life with its oversized look and actual grip…looks like a gun that is a fit for Dirty Harry.