Openaire: A Laptop Case, a Workstation and a Chair

Consider two workplaces – (a) a brightly lit workstation with an air conditioner that maintains a comfortable temperature at all times, and (b) a work station in the open air where there is a cool natural breeze flowing and the sun is the source of light. Which one would you prefer? Without a second thought, I would definitely go for the second one. And one thing that can make working easy for me would be the new Openaire Laptop Case cum Workstation.

Designed by the Trincia brothers Nick and Beau the Openaire Laptop Case could be the perfect companion for all those who wish to enjoy their beautiful surrounding and yet continue with their work. This innovatively designed product is a combination of a laptop case, a workstation and a chair too. When all packed up it does look like a laptop bag but with a difference.

The outer shell opens up to take the shape of a chair. The chair is made up of individual panels which adjust according to the person using it – its contours change as per the requirement of the body. When collapsed and packed up it serves as a double protection for the laptop. The chair is ergonomically designed to provide the utmost comfort. While you can use it on its own, you can also use it as an additional comfort measure on a chair or sofa at home or in office. When not required it is also possible to detach the chair from the case and still carry it as a laptop case.

The inner case is meant to accommodate the laptop and also contains a protective semi-rigid sleeve that functions as an ergonomic work surface. Being well cushioned the safety of the laptop or notebook is well ensured. With you at ease on the chair the laptop sits comfortably on your lap. The case not only supports the laptop but also has enough room for a couple of other hardware and accessories.

A product designer from Boston, Nick Trincia, along with brother Beau Trincia, has come up with a product which could come as a solution for people from various walks of life. A laptop case paired up with a mobile chair and workstation – all on your shoulder. Might sound heavy but is not. Made from a light weight material you hardly realize all that you are carrying. It is now time to sit back in a comfy position with a laptop, enjoy the cool fresh breeze and see your work progress happily. A happy mind does lead to good work and that is what we all want to achieve.

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