IT influences Clothing : The 8-bit Tie

The times we are living in is known as the Information Technology (IT) age. At every step we see the influence of IT in our lives. From booking tickets to planning an entire trip, IT is there for every solution. Going a step further the present young generation’s influence of IT is also being reflected in clothing.

Take for example this new 8-bit tie that is so talked about these days. There may be very few of us who are not familiar with the ever so popular Mario, a tiny figure jumping and running, trying to dodge small monster like creatures and collecting coins. Ever noticed the tie that Mario used to wear? Not many must have paid attention to the clothing but for those who claim to be Mario fans every small detail matters. This is what led to the creation of the 8-bit tie.

Produced from silk-like Microfiber this custom designed tie is the perfect accessory for a Mario lover. It is a perfect combination of simplicity yet style. This clip-on tie can be easily worn with any attire, be it a shirt or even a t-shirt. While the pixilated design gives a casual appearance, it can also be accompanied with a formal dress-up. The makers decided to go with a clip-on design since the traditional knot would have ended up in a triangle shape, which would not have gone with the rest of the design. It has a strange pixilated design instead of a knot but great looking all the same.

Moreover, the tie has jagged edges and is 20 inches long making it suitable for almost every individual. The fact that these ties are handmade must leave space for slight variations in shapes and cuts.

What started out as an April fool’s day prank has now been included into reality. Every year ThinkGeek sends out e-newsletters about fake products. The 8-bit tie was on of these fake products but due to customer demand it has now become a real product.

Available is shades of blue and red these ties are a sure shot eye catcher. They may or may not be admired by one and all, but one thing is sure, they cannot escape the eyes. So next time you want to be the center of attraction, all you need to do is to clip on this easy to wear tie and you are all set to grab every one’s attention. You can buy this tie at only $14.99.

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