Optimus Prime Train Toy Figure Rocks

Optimus Prime must be one of the most popular characters from popular media, thanks to the popularity of the Transformers franchise. Right from the days of 1984 till today, Transformers and its iconic protagonist have not gone out of fashion and continue to influence artists, designers and even toy-makers. This strange-looking Optimus Prime was found in Japan, and is quite a deal in fact.

optimus prime train full

The Optimus Prime sculpture consists of smaller train models that can be later fixed, when you are tired of playing with them. That results in a really strange looking “Transformable Tomas”, as the company advertises it. It is not clear if the train-based Optimus Prime figure is for sale, and if it is how much it might cost.

You could instead take a look at the several other Optimus Prime inspired designs which we have featured earlier. You could take a look at the Recycled Steel Optimus Prime Sculpture, or the Cybertron Transformers Figures. The Transformers Art in Acrylic is quite an interesting way to show one’s admiration to the popular TV and game franchise as well.

Via: The Duty